Research shows that the electric scooter is one of the least polluting vehicles on the road. But whether you are looking for a safer means of transport for your employees, or for sustainable mobility within your company, or to reduce the operational costs of your service; With the DELTA from Qesto Motors, you will find the ideal solution.


The DELTA is very versatile: delivery services, scooter sharing platforms or as a service vehicle, these are a some examples that have been used as starting point for the development. The integrated telematics, the versatile software platform and reliable security options make DELTA the ultimate choice for the business user.



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When it comes to having a fleet of vehicles, it is essential to collect as much data as possible about usage and costs as the basis for decision making and creating insight. With the DELTA platform, Qesto helps you to get an overview and make your fleet efficient and effective. And a fleet starts with 1 vehicle for Qesto Motors.

  • GPS location and connectivity: always and everywhere access to the exact location of all DELTA’s in your fleet. Each DELTA has a Data Control Unit that continuously transfers all necessary vehicle data to the Qesto software platform. Through the connection between our platform and your back-end system you can monitor real-time.

  • vehicle status: the built-in monitoring system with a large number of sensors enables you to alway be up to date of your fleet’s vehicle status.

  • smartphone app integration: no more hassle with keys because the DELTA can be activated through the smartphone app.

  • maintenance support: due to the built-in telematics and the accurate status information, Qesto is able to schedule maintenance for you.

  • smart theft prevention: the DELTA has theft protection through the automatic locking of the motor and tilting system, so that rolling or steering is practically impossible. Due to the built-in motion sensor and gyroscope, the DELTA can detect unauthorised use and / or movement. There is also a flashing light built in when the DELTA is locked, indicating that the monitoring system is active.

  • riders profile: the DELTA is not only capable of monitoring vehicle status - from the complete dataset Qesto made an algorithm that can show a profile of how it is driven. This allows you as a fleet manager to help the driver to go from A to B in a safe and healthy way.




Qesto is pro-active in providing maintenance and repairs. With the versatile monitoring system of the DELTA, it is possible to carry out maintenance based on actual vehicle status instead of a standard service interval. This means that the DELTA will never be out of operation for longer than strictly necessary. Also maintenance can be planned ahead easier so that you will never be surprised in case of crowds or other important activities.


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Because the business market was one of the starting points in the development of DELTA, the scooter has been designed in such a way that maintenance and repairs can be carried out as quickly as possible. Because of the modular design, specific modules can be removed and installed quickly, thus minimising the time in the workshop. Our research shows that body panels are replaced more often than standard. That is why the DELTA body is divided so that specific surfaces are easily replaceable and do not cover too large a surface. This saves repair time and costs.

But that is not all. By monitoring the vehicles, Qesto has been able to develop a program in which not only the maintenance can be planned, but also the supply flow of components. As a result, the purchase of all required parts PER vehicle is automated. Keeping an expensive stock of spare parts is no longer necessary, the workshop always has the right parts at hand and in the online ordering module it is easy to add extra parts, if needed. Everything is included in a package shipment that is delivered to the doorstep. If necessary, we can send our own technicians to support your workshop.




The integrated sensor system stores a treasure of information every second. This is not only about the status of the vehicle, but also how all components are being used. Qesto has created a special module to interpret all the captured data in order to make profiles of the actual use of the DELTA and the driving behaviour of the rider. The elements that are used:

  • location: insight into the exact location at any given time

  • movement: the speed of acceleration, deceleration and other driving patterns

  • tilting mechanism: insight into the angle of inclination / position of the DELTA by means of the gyroscope

  • suspension: how much suspension travel is used and which forces are released/absorbed

  • battery pack: how much energy is used and to what extent does the battery pack discharge?

  • use digital throttle: how (fast) digital gas is given

  • braking system: how often and with what strength braking is applied 


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In the profile module we look at these elements separately - as well as specific combinations of them - how the DELTA is used and whether this corresponds to sustainable driving behaviour for the environment and the vehicle itself. The results are shown to the fleet manager only for internal use or the suggestions are fed through the DELTA platform directly to the user; this can all be set according to your needs. It has been found that with positive stimulation the driving behaviour improved significantly. As a result, there is less damage to the vehicles, better behaviour on the road in traffic, fewer repairs for the vehicle and therefore lower operating costs.




Visibility on the road; not only for safety but also for the image of your company. The DELTA stands for innovation, sustainability and good taste. By choosing a DELTA fleet, these values will also speak for your company.

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A vehicle is pre-eminently the way to market the identity of your company’s brand. The choice for DELTA indicates that you care about your employees and that you want to offer them something special. It is also important that colours, logos and patterns reflect the feeling that you want to radiate with your brand identity. The unique structure of the DELTA makes it possible to adapt colours and patterns to the identity of your company. This goes from a specific color all the way to company logos and patterns. Qesto Motors is able to deliver customisation so that DELTA can deliver the desired corporate image in public.