If the scooter were invented today, what would it look like? It would be fully electric without any emissions. It would be powerful enough to win any sprint at the traffic lights. It would be safe so that everybody could ride it without any hesitation — so safe that tipping over would hardly be possible. And easy to use with your smartphone as a key. In other words, it wouldn’t really be a “scooter”. It would be DELTA.



A double-wishbone suspension. Hydropneumatic tilt-control system. 4,5kW motor with 54Nm of torque. 4,8kWh battery. In other words: the DELTA is powerful and stable. This is perfect for use in traffic, when you need fast acceleration, sharp cornering in between cars, to hop on and off the sidewalk without any hesitation and only have to charge the battery once every 200KM.


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The DELTA double-wishbone suspension with four support arms and two front wheels doubles the stability — and therefore safety — on every surface. The three-wheel technology brings out a completely new driver in you because you can steer so much easier with your body. You could compare it to making curves when skiing. It is difficult to explain but you will feel it immediately when driving a DELTA.

The powerful electric drivetrain has a large torque range at immediate disposal when you drive off. This makes it possible to accelerate from 0 to 40 KM/h in just 4 seconds. This is faster than almost any vehicle on the road and enables you to win every sprint at the traffic lights.




Because of the stability of the DELTA, it has never been easier to ride. Even people who have never driven a scooter before, sit on the DELTA and ride away without difficulty. The Q-tilt Control System (QCS) supports the rider where necessary, so that tipping over is a thing of the past.


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Safety has been an essential factor in DELTA's design. The layout with two front wheels generates double the braking force, which makes the difference — especially in case of emergencies. In addition, keeping balance on a conventional scooter is difficult, certainly for inexperienced riders. The two front wheels provide stability and self-assurance instead. The Q-tilt Control System from Qesto assists through continuous monitoring with advanced sensors. This way, the DELTA can offer a stable and comfortable ride in driving conditions where standard scooters and motorcycles are difficult to drive, even for the most experienced riders.




With a battery range of 200 KM, DELTA takes your worries about charging completely away, so you have more time to do the things that are important to you.


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The DELTA is full electric, so you never again have to visit a petrol station to refuel. The removable battery is easy to carry and can be connected to any standard socket. In less than three hours, the battery is fully charged so that the DELTA can run for another 200KM. With this range, it means that you only have to charge the battery once every two weeks when you use the scooter in the city (based on general average urban milages).



The large 10” touchscreen of the DELTA has an optimal view for a safe driving environment. The intuitive interface makes it very easy for you to access all functionalities and settings of the system. Through a direct connection with your smartphone, you have the same control but then from your pocket.


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The interaction with the DELTA is different from all other scooters. You can use your smartphone as a key and with the large 10 inch touchscreen all functionalities and settings are easy to operate. Within your unique Qesto-ID profile you have the possibility to set a wide range of driving characteristics of the scooter and also link media and connectivity options through your smartphone. The connectivity of the scooter via 4G and WiFi makes it possible to do over-the-air updates so that new functionalities, options and performance can be accessed, all with the touch of a button.




*Some specifications of the production vehicle may change from the above.

The DELTA is a full electric scooter with advanced technology to make riding easier, safer and more fun. Three-wheeled scooters are not new on the road, but can mainly be found as large motor scooters that are not suitable for dynamic driving (and parking) in the city.



  • Suspension front: double-wishbone suspension with independent monoshock and Q-tilt Control System

  • Suspension rear: monoshock with link system

  • Wheels: 13” rear and 12" front wheels

  • Lighting: LED lighting system including daytime running lights and auto-off flashing lights

  • Braking system: synchronised braking system (SBS) with 4-piston calipers



  • Battery pack: waterproof removable battery pack (approx. 25 KG)

  • Battery capacity: 4.8 kWh

  • Motor: high-efficiency PMAC motor (brushless) with belt drive

  • Power: 4.5 kW

  • Torque: 54Nm

  • Transmission: 1 gear

  • Charger: integrated 240V charger

  • Charging time: 3.5 h

  • Maximum speed: 60 KM / h

  • Range: 200 KM (urban use)

  • CO2 emissions: zero



  • Connectivity: Qesto ECU (electronic control unit) CAN BUS / Bluetooth / GPS / LTE (4G) / smartphone app

  • Vehicle monitoring: Qesto MDS (Multi-sensor Diagnosis System) with gyroscope and component sensors

  • Display: 10” capacitive touch display



  • Weighing weight: approx. 110 KG incl battery pack

  • Wheelbase: 1300mm

  • Seat height: 790mm

  • Track width: 550mm

  • Total width: 660mm

  • Storage capacity: 30L or 2 helmets

  • Maximum load: 2 people - max. 150 KG




Choose for yourself and design your own DELTA. With a wide range of colours, options and designs, it is possible to make a unique composition that that reflects yourself in the best way.


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"All colours are optional, as long as it is black". A statement that comes from the last century, but still applies to most manufacturers to this day. The Qesto supply chain is built with the latest production technologies, so you always have a wide variety in color, saddle options, performance parts, different types of finishing parts. This way you can put together your own unique DELTA.